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A book that can
change how you feel about...


Life, and


A Message Meant To Be Shared

All Was Love is a beautiful book like no other. 


The magical narrative is shared from the greater knowledge of the soul, giving wisdom into what happens after death.  It can bring comfort to those who are grieving and for those going through the dying process.  Inspired poetry by Kristina Ashley and lyrical abstract paintings by Trea Christopher Grey come together to create an empowering and joyful read, lifting the spirit and stirring the imagination.

All Was Love is a wonderful gift, not only for adults but also for children, inviting discussions about life, love, and the soul.

Experience The Words






Christopher Grey

"Creating art is an action of love. In a blending of heart, mind and spirit, each painting carries best wishes and intentions for myself and all worlds."

What People Are Saying...

All Was Love is a sensitive, joyful and poetic journey through the process of transitioning from  the physical world to the world of spirit. The imagery painted  by Trea Christopher Grey, magically supports the graceful flow of the words shared by Kristina Ashley, and leaves the reader with a sense of comfort in one of  the most challenging experiences of our lives.

- Regina Meredith, GAIA T.V.

I was honored to be presented with this special book, All Was Love.  It was a divine intervention right from the start.  I was at the right place at the right time, as the book was not yet published, and I had been requested to review it and share my experience of it.


Ethereal is how I would describe the book and the encounter. Slowly, I turned each page, delighting my soul’s heart.  I got goose bumps and I wept with gladness as I felt Tammy’s presence, Kristina’s ‘listening’ and Trea’s brush sweeping over the pages. Together they created a gift for our Earthly world with the timely message that YES, there is life after death and it’s unlike anything we could imagine. I thought of children and adults reading All Was Love, bringing them to a place of peace, love, comfort, joy and hope. This lovely book whispered, "Be not afraid. Embrace the gift of infinite love and light. It is here on Earth.  It is there in Heaven."

There is no better gift than All Was Love, to someone who is grieving or perhaps faced with end-of-life themselves. What a blessing to have this book, at this time, out into the world. 

- Paula Giancola, Spiritualist

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