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WELCOME to All Was Love.

This is the first blog post and I hope you enjoy it. Stop by our ABOUT page if you want to know the story behind this lovely gift book. There are so many sweet and inspiring stories that have come from this book project and here is one of them...I was so stressed out. I had secured an income working in an office and I was very devoted to the people that hired me and learning that job. My life had been going through so many ups and downs for over a year and the new source of income and working with people that I really enjoyed, was a long awaited gift in my life.

Then one day I went in to work only to find that they decided they were just too busy to even have time to train me and they had to cut my hours substantially. I was crushed. Not only was I losing work and income, but I wouldn't be seeing the wonderful co-workers each day. They had already felt like family to me. I was so stunned. When I left the office I just sat in my car, tears streaming down my face, at a loss as to what to do.

I believe we all have a "Higher Self" and I have grown accustomed to the whispers of mine. I began to hear that familiar inner voice guiding me."Drive to Trea and Kimall's house now." That didn't seem right. I never just showed up there unannounced, though they would never mind that. I resisted the urging on while my mind stayed in a continual loop of wondering what I was going to do financially and how I was going to pay bills. The inner voice persisted..."Go to Trea and Kimall's house!" Finally I relented and drove the ten minute course, parked my car and knocked on their door. They had company. "CRAP!" I was not in the mood to be around people I didn't know and I wanted to leave immediately, but something told me to stay.

Kimall introduced me to their friend Paula Giancola. I liked her energy right away. She's originally from Massachussetts and still has much of her East Coast accent. She had a nice, comforting light all around her. We got to talking and she realized that I was the woman that Trea and Kimall had been working on the book, with, that helps people deal with death, dying and grief. She wanted to see our latest proof of the book that we had just gotten back from the publisher. All the sudden things got very surreal for me. She sat down to read the book and something told me to just watch her, so I did. As she turned each page she had a reaction. Sometimes she touched her heart. Sometimes she got goose bumps. Sometimes she gasp a little. To my amazement, she was having a powerful experience while reading through the book and looking at the images. And that is what I have always hoped for and why I worked so lovingly with Trea and Kimall to create this special little book.

I realized I was weeping. I mean the tears just flowed without any control to be had. One hand was covering my heart and the other, covering my mouth that was open and speechless. To witness, for the first time, someone reading the book I had felt inspired to create and having healing reactions to it, was almost beyond my comprehension. When she finished, she was crying too and we hugged and somehow created a bond right there that facilitated us becoming sweet, fun, supportive friends.

Paula became what she calls, "ALL WAS LOVE's biggest fan." She even wrote a beautiful endorsement for the book that you can read on the HOME page of this website. And the full circle of this serendipitous connection is that Paula helps people connect with loved ones that have crossed over. That is why the book touched her so much. She knows from experiencing different souls who have transitioned that in fact this is the message they would like to convey..."It was ALL LOVE!"

When I left Trea and Kimall's home that day I felt renewed. I felt that the message from my Higher Self and The Universe was, "Don't worry...just get the book out there to help people and all else will be fine." So, this is what has finally happened. The book is officially published and for sale. Thank you for visiting our website and reading about the journeys that this book takes me and the readers on. Feel free to email us and let us know if ALL WAS LOVE has affected you in some way. We are all on this journey together. Let's inspire each other along the way. :)

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