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Kristina Ashley has been interested in death, dying and grief since she was in her early twenties. She read many books, took classes in college about these interests and had truly powerful experiences with clients doing past life regressions as a certified hypnotherapist. She always felt there was something beyond the physical body and that the soul doesn’t die. It retains memory and lives on, building upon its experiences for inner growth and full realization of itself. Kristina has also been in the presence of souls crossing over in her work as a caregiver, affirming to her that the times of birth and death are truly the most powerful of every being. This book is the result of a long personal spiritual journey and her openness to the soul, Tammy, that connected with Kristina while her soul was transitioning through the experience of death. It is Kristina's hope that All Was Love will help change the way most people think and feel about death, life and love.



Kimall Christensen's book of knowledge is nature. Beauty is his guiding light and creativity his abiding joy. In this spirit Kimall held each All Was Love detail with intimate care. His desire was clear; to reflect the beauty and depth of possibility that is at the heart of this creation. Shining throughout All Was Love is Kimall's refined sensibility and creative nature. His talent in graphic design, photography and digital imaging carries Kristina's intentions for the book cover to cover. Kimall has helped to create a special kind of book with Kristina and Trea that give the viewer space to feel connected to inner peace. It was their combined intention to have love flourish on every page, thus Kimall freely shared his heart and steady hand to see the dream of this book unfold.



Trea Christopher Grey’s lyrical abstract paintings are enjoyed in collections around the world, including New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Dubai and Sedona, AZ, where he resides. There is a playful spontaneity expressed in his paintings and an exuberance of joy and beauty. As a color blind artist, he brings to his work an intuitive wisdom, a vision that expresses the spirit of color. Trea uses unorthodox color choices that bring the riches within worlds to life. His art inspires the imagination and invites a deeper look into the feeling nature of color. There is creative freedom here that goes beyond the conventional.  Trea says, "Creating art is an action of love. In a blending of heart, mind and spirit, each painting carries best wishes and intentions for myself and all worlds."

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